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CCIRA Common Voice newsletter, edition 11

Issue # 11, March 2020

Inside this issue: Download the PDFS You can download a PDF of this issue and all the previous issues as well. More about Issue #10

A close up of Desiree Lawson on a beach holding a sand dollar.

CCIRA hires new staff

Desiree Lawson, MaPP implementation coordinator Desiree is Haíɫzaqv and lives in her home territory in Bella Bella. She is passionate about supporting the Nations as they assert their inherent title and rights by practicing their ancestral laws. She understands the importance of indigenous stewardship; the need to respect all living beings and their right to

The Common Voice, Issue 10, May 2019

Issue # 10, April 2019

Inside The Common Voice, issue number ten: MPA network updateCCIRA hires new staff, Oceans RFA formalizes collaborative marine management process…

Michael has a dark brown beard, and is wearing a grey cap and blue SFU hoodie. He's bending forwards and seems to be working with other people who are crouched or standing on the beach around him. He is standing on the sand and the ocean is visible directly behind him. He is smiling widely.

CCIRA hires new staff

See all of our team members. Jean-Phillip Sargeant, Marine Response Coordinator Jean has a passion for resource management and the marine environment. After graduating from the University of Victoria with a degree in geography he spent time abroad to acquire a graduate degree in coastal and marine resource management. Jean has had the opportunity to