MPAs on Our Coast: What’s Next?

Information about a National Marine Conservation Area Reserve (NMCAR) on the Central Coast.

Through our Marine Use Plans and Marine Plan Partnership, our Nations have developed a clear roadmap for how to ensure ecological protection and a prosperous economy—now and for future generations.

Our Nations’ endorsement of a Marine Protected Area Network Action Plan in February 2023 was the first essential step on this path toward safeguarding marine resources and our culture. Now, we’re planning for the best method to implement this marine protection.

Central Coast Nations are considering a National Marine Conservation Area Reserve (NMCAR), with a feasibility assessment process currently underway. Looking at all types of MPAs, an NMCAR aligns the most with our Nations’ stewardship objectives.

We’ll be sharing more information about NMCARs, and our process to assess the benefits for our Nations, as details arise.

In the meantime, if you have questions or comments please email NMCARquestions[at]