CCIRA hires new staff

A close up of Desiree Lawson on a beach holding a sand dollar.

Desiree Lawson, MaPP implementation coordinator

Desiree is Haíɫzaqv and lives in her home territory in Bella Bella. She is passionate about supporting the Nations as they assert their inherent title and rights by practicing their ancestral laws. She understands the importance of indigenous stewardship; the need to respect all living beings and their right to live is a top priority for Desiree. In 2017 she graduated with a degree in Natural Resource Protection from VIU. Prior to that she also received a diploma in Resource Management Officer Technology. The experience Desiree received from the Haíɫzaqv Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD) in numerous planning roles, as well as a Guardian Watchman has provided great knowledge of indigenous governance, laws and stewardship.

A portrait of Desiree holding a sand dollar on a beach.

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