The Common Voice: CCIRA Newsletter

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Issue # 13, July 2022

The past several months have been exciting and eventful, with much to report on stewardship efforts in Central Coast First Nations. In this newsletter, we also provide an update on ongoing work to improve First Nations access to Dungeness crab for food fisheries, as well as collaborative efforts to enhance and expand marine response planning throughout the Central Coast.

CCIRA newsletter 13 2022 (PDF)

Common Voice #12 - cover

Issue # 12, December 2020

In this issue, we welcome two new program directors to the team — Vicki Sahanatien and Charlotte Whitney — who each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to these important roles. They both possess proven skills in developing collaborative approaches and solutions to complex challenges in fisheries and marine management, which will be crucial as Central Coast collaborative management plans progress further into the implementation phases.

CCIRA newsletter 12 2020 (PDF)

Cover of the Common Voice, 11

Issue # 11, March 2020

In this issue, we cover the Guardians’ oil spill response work, Alejandro Frid’s new book, and ongoing work to create a Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Network. We also provide an update on some major developments on efforts to ensure collaborative management of Central Coast fisheries, as well as things to know about rockfish protection, and more!

CCIRA newsletter 11 2020 (PDF)

Cover of the Common Voice, 10

Issue # 10, April 2019

CCIRA reports on a rockfish conservation study, a paper published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, a crab pilot project with the DFO, and a collaborative marine management process with the Reconciliation Framework Agreement for Bioregional Oceans Management and Protection (RFA). We also give an update on the plan to create Marine Protected Areas on the Central Coast, give an update on new staff, highlight the Great Bear Rainforest IMAX film, and more!

CCIRA newsletter 10 2019 (PDF)

The Common Voice newsletter, Issue 9, April 2018

Issue # 9, April 2018

Stories of science, marine protected areas, a proposal to improve oil spill response, and a conservation victory for herring. There is even a comic strip illustrating results from our rockfish research and the implications for our indigenous rights to this traditional food. You’re going to love this.

CCIRA newsletter 9 2018 (PDF)

The common Voice, April 2017 cover

Issue #8, April 2017

This issue features an important update on progress toward fisheries collaboration on the Central Coast, efforts working with DFO on crab management, the Kitasoo Xai’Xais Heritage Database, an update on rockfish research and conservation throughout the region, plus a feature on Nuxalk ancestral governance and much, much more!

CCIRA Newsletter 8 2017 (PDF)

The Common Voice, July 2016

Issue #7, July 2016

This issue of CCIRA’s newsletter is our biggest yet! But don’t let that intimidate you – that just means there’s even more of the same engaging stories and beautiful photos inside. In this issue read about the Nations work on herring management, our further progress on protecting Dungeness crab populations, the role of the Nations’ new guardian watchmen, the success of the Central Coast Commercial Fisheries Initiative and so much more!

CCIRA Newsletter 7 2016 (PDF)

The Common Voice, December 2015

Issue #6, December 2015

In this new issue of CCIRA’s newsletter, we provide an update on our ongoing, collaborative rockfish and lingcod research, as well as updates on fisheries management collaboration with DFO, the Indigenous laws project, and long-term efforts to implement Central Coast marine plans through MaPP.

CCIRA Newsletter 6 2015 (PDF)

The Common Voice, December 2014

Issue #5, April 2015

This issue features stories about the recent opening of the herring fishery in the Central Coast, the historic signing of the MaPP plan, updates on collaborative crab research, rockfish and lingcod studies, as well as work underway on local salmon management aimed at restoring, and sustaining, one of the most critical resources for Central Coast Nations.

CCIRA Newsletter 5 2015 (PDF)

The Common Voice, December 2014

Issue #4, December 2014

In this new issue of The Common Voice, we provide a full slate of stories on important stewardship and resource management efforts in the Central Coast — including an update on our work to revitalize traditional laws, a look back out how Central Coast Nation-level marine plans guide all of CCIRA’s work, as well as current CCIRA projects focused on crab research and fisheries training.

CCIRA Newsletter 4 2014 (PDF)

The Common Voice, April 2014

Issue #3, April 2014

In this new issue of The Common Voice, we feature an update on the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP – a joint planning process between the Province and our Nations), as well as progress on important Nation-level rockfish research, and activities of the Bear Working Group.

CCIRA Newsletter 3 2014 (PDF)

The Common Voice, October 2013

Issue #2, October 2013

This issue features an update on the Nations trained divers, a primer on the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area strategic plan, answers to some commonly asked questions about the Marine Planning Partnership – a joint planning process between the Province and our Nations, and a story about the work CCIRA is doing to improve our understanding of our eulachon stocks.

CCIRA Newsletter 2 2013 (PDF)

CCIRA Newsletter: TheCommon Voice, April 2013

Issue #1, April 2013

This issue features the recent completion of commercial dive training courses by Nation members, the growth of SEAS youth projects in our four communities, and marine use planning initiatives that CCIRA and the Nations are engaged in with other First Nations, and the Provincial and Federal governments.

CCIRA Newsletter 1 2013 (PDF)