Climate change

Climate change has the potential to have significant negative impacts on our marine territories through rising ocean levels, ocean acidification, increasing ocean temperatures, shifting weather patterns, and spreading of exotic species.

These impacts will affect our community, economy, and the health of our ecosystems. While we cannot solve the climate change issue within the confines of our marine plan we have taken two types of actions to try to reduce the impacts on our environment:

  • Increasing resiliency of species and ecosystems. A larger genetic pool, and healthier species populations and ecosystems will better enable species to respond to a changing climate. We plan to increase the resiliency of species and ecosystems through spatial planning, reduced harvesting and mitigation of other human impacts.
  • Aligning industry development and economic goals with environmental beliefs and interests. Each industry was scrutinized for its impact on the environment and climate. In most cases, we present mitigation strategies that we believe will allow industry and a healthy environment to co-exist in our territories. In other cases, such as off-shore oil gas, we believe the environmental and climate impacts are too great to justify development.

A mountain goat standing near a waterfall

Photo Credit: Doug Neasloss

A whale vertebra illuminated from behind by the sun

Photo Credit: Ken Cripps