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Heiltsuk Territory

Arial view of a sunny day in Bella Bella with mountains in the background.

Heiltsuk Territory encompasses 16,658 square kilometres of land, and extensive nearshore and offshore waters. The territorial boundaries are defined by six Heiltsuk tribal groups and extend into national waters. According to nuyem or oral tradition, the Heiltsuk have had a relationship with these rich and productive lands and waters for countless generations.

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Kitasoo/Xai’xais Territory

A view of Klemtu from the airplane
Klemtu. Photo by Doug Neasloss.

Kitasoo/Xai’Xais Territory is composed of both land and marine areas, totally 3,939 square kilometres. The western portion of the territory is characterized by many windswept island groups and narrow channels. Deep valleys, long fjords and glaciated peaks of the Pacific Coast Range Mountains are typical of the eastern portion of the territory.

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Nuxalk Ancestral Territory

Bella Coola, view from the air
Bella Coola. Photo Credit: Michael Wigle.

Nuxalk Ancestral Territory includes 18,000 square kilometres of land as well as significant marine territory. Large watersheds draining several rivers and streams, deep valleys and fjords, and glaciated peaks of the Pacific Coast Range Mountains characterize the territory.

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Wuikinuxv Territory

Aerial view of Owikeno
Wuikinuxv Village. Photo Credit: Michael Wigle

Wuikinuxv Territory is made up of both land and marine areas, with the land portion totaling almost 7,000 square kilometres and the marine portion totaling over 200 square kilometres. The territory is characterized by a significant lake network, temperate rain forests, deep valleys, and glaciated peaks of the Pacific Coast Range Mountains.

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