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Heiltsuk Guardian Watchmen on the boat collecting traps for crab surveys.

Lessons in Co-governance: Ensuring FSC Access to Dungeness Crab

Drawing upon years of intensive research, surveys and multi-general knowledge, Central Coast First Nations say closures at key locations will maintain healthy crab populations.

Sockeye salmon spawing in a Central Coast stream

A New Vision for Salmon Monitoring and Stewardship on the Central Coast

This new report outlines a framework for increased salmon monitoring and stewardship to support recovery and conservation of salmon along the Central Coast.

Job Opportunity: Applied Quantitative Biologist

CCIRA is searching for an Applied Quantitative Biologist who will help with quantitative data analyses and contribute to fisheries management and science processes.

Common Voice - December 2020

Common Voice: Issue #12, December 2020

Our latest newsletter — Common Voice: Issue #12 — is available. Click to learn more!

Vicki Sahanatien

Vicki Sahanatien: Arctic to the Central Coast

CCIRA welcomes Vicki Sahanatien as our new Program Director, Marine Planning & Conservation!

Charlotte Whitney

Charlotte Whitney: Back to the Central Coast

CCIRA is thrilled to welcome Charlotte Whitney to the team, as our new Program Director, Fisheries Management & Science.

Climate Adaptation Graphic - crop

Adapting to Climate Change on the Central Coast

With the full research paper published in the journal Ecology and Society, we share insights from CCIRA’s Charlotte Whitney and the Central Coast community members she interviewed about their perceptions and approaches
to climate change.

Pacific Legacy - salmon expedition

Tracking Salmon Abundance in the Pacific Ocean

As salmon populations continue to decline across the Central Coast and beyond, researchers are looking to the open ocean to help understand salmon survival dynamics.

CCIRA Common Voice newsletter, edition 11

Issue # 11, March 2020

Inside this issue: Download the PDFs You can download a PDF of this issue and all the previous issues as well. More about Issue #10

A copper rockfish swimming.

Five Things You Should Know About Rockfish and Marine Protection

Since 2013, CCIRA has been using science and traditional knowledge to build the most extensive database for rockfish ever compiled for the Central Coast. This growing body of work is providing insights that can help improve the design of the Marine Protected Areas network…