CCIRA’s governance structure respects the sovereignty of each Nation, operates under a consensus decision-making framework and ensures each Nation has an equal voice.

A diagram that shows how CCIRA is governed - updated 2020

CCIRA Board of directors

CCIRA operates under the direction of a Board that approves work plans and budgets and gives final approval on all policy direction. The Board consists of 8 members with 2 members from each Nation. The directors include the current elected chief of each Nation (or appointee) and a technical advisor (often the Stewardship Director from each Nation). The technical advisor does not have voting powers.

CCIRA Finance Committee

The CCIRA Finance Committee (FC) is a subset of the CCIRA Board (e.g. 2 Directors). The CCIRA FC acts on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them, by the CCIRA Board of Directors. The CCIRA FC will work with the Program Director and Administrator to approve day to day budget adjustments and approve any new contracts or agreements not identified in the annual workplan.

Central Coast Area Implementation Committee (CCAIC)

The CCAIC consists of the technical team, the Community Marine Use Planning Coordinators, and each Nation’s Resource Office technical staff (as deemed necessary by each Nation). This Committee works together to address specific planning and management issues and any key implementation activities identified by the CCIRA Board on a day to day basis.

Central Coast Area Technical Team

The CCATT provides ongoing support for community and area Marine Use Planning/Implementation initiatives. The CCATT is accountable to the CCIRA Board of Directors and the Nation-level Resource Boards. The CCATT maintains close working relations with the Nation-level Resource staff.

Community Marine Use Planning Coordinators

The Community Coordinators provide ongoing support for community and Central Coast Marine Use Planning initiatives, and technical support and guidance to the CCIRA Board. The Community Coordinators are accountable to both their community planning committees/boards and the CCIRA Board of Directors.

Central Coast delegates & working groups

CCIRA participates in various province wide First Nations organizations and/or initiatives that require representatives appointed collectively by the member Nations.  The CCIRA Board is responsible for selecting all such regional representatives.  Presently, CCIRA sends delegates to the First Nations Fisheries Council and its working groups. CCIRA also supports a governance representative delegate to work with the Province and Federal governments on marine planning initiatives in the area.