MPA network update

A diver swims through a large school of subadult widow rockfish while conducting rockfish research

Work continues on the Canada-British Columbia Marine Protected Area Network Strategy—a government-to-government-to-government effort to create a marine protected area network within 13 bioregions in Canada, including the Central Coast of BC.

This work—co-led by provincial and federal agencies along with 17 First Nations (including Central Coast Nations)—is critical to protect marine resources that are in decline after decades of industrial fishing pressure. These are the very resources that we rely on for our sustenance and cultural and economic wellbeing.

The intention of the partners is to have plans for the proposed MPA network completed for approval by March 2020. In the meantime, our Nations will continue working to ensure that the MPA network respects our Indigenous laws and values while helping create a healthy future for the coast that benefits all stakeholders.

Building resilience: Marine Protected Areas network

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