Land & coastal tenures

The provincial tenuring system permits the use of Crown land and resources for various industrial activities including: mining, forestry, aquaculture, tourism operations, and energy development.

In 2009, The Coastal First Nations signed a ground-breaking agreement with the Provincial government. This Reconciliation Protocol introduces a more collaborative, coordinated and efficient approach to land and resource engagement and decision-making. The Central Coast First Nations acknowledges that this Protocol is an important step toward shared decision-making and look forward to implementing a greater influence on what happens within our territories.

While many tenured activities are addressed directly in our Plan, we believe all industries in our territories need to mitigate their impact on our environment through waste and pollution reduction strategies. This requires greater Central Coast First Nations control over the monitoring and enforcement of waste and pollution infringements.

A fishing lodge with water in the foreground and trees in the background
Photo Credit: Julie Carpenter