Keepers of the coast

Keepers of the Coast provides an in-depth look at how the Kitasoo Xai’xais, Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv Nations are stewarding our marine territories.

The Central Coast is one of the most spectacular and biologically rich places on the planet. The Heiltsuk, Kitasoo Xai’xais, Nuxalk and Wuikinuxv people have inhabited these areas for thousands of years. Keepers of the Coast explores how these Nations are using a combination of traditional knowledge and science to inform marine plans that uphold our Indigenous laws, and manage marine resources in a way that sustains our cultures and ensures intact ecosystems, healthy communities and local sustainable economies, now and into the future.


Learn about the marine issues that our Nations are working on to create a more sustainable and equitable coast.

Sustainable Economies

Community members describe what sustainable economies mean to them and how we’re working to develop an economy that meets today’s needs as well as our grandchildren’s.

Our Territories

Learn more about our Nations’ territories and the ecosystems, species and habitats that make them so unique.

The Trailer

This 5-minute film provides a glimpse into the beautiful territories of Central Coast Nations, and the marine planning and stewardship work that aims to them.