Enhanced monitoring & enforcement

Effective monitoring and enforcement is integral to successful plan implementation

Improved monitoring and enforcement of resource regulations is a key outcome of the Central Coast First Nations’ Marine Use Plan. Coordinating the efforts of each Nation is an important first step toward achieving this goal. The Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network brings together First Nation community-based monitoring programs throughout the North and Central Coast of British Columbia. As neighbouring Nations with a common vision to protect the resources in our territories, communities work together to create a united presence on BC’s coast. The Network assists the Nations in:

  • Establishing a high level of professionalism and credibility
  • Creating program consistency between Nations
  • Integrating monitoring and enforcement technology into Guardian Watchmen programs
  • Enhancing data collection and monitoring capability

CCIRA provides support to the four Central Coast First Nations in developing community Guardian Watchmen Programs and assisting the Nations on common monitoring and enforcement issues, including: supporting funding applications, participating in monthly Network meetings, coordinating trips into the communities with Network staff to participate in community discussions, and providing technical feedback on Network initiatives.

Over the next 5-years CCIRA will work toward building Nation-level monitoring and enforcement capacity, expanding monitoring and enforcement powers, creating positive and lasting relationships with Provincial and Federal monitoring and enforcement agencies, and building the necessary infrastructure for a robust monitoring and enforcement program on the Central Coast.

Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network video: