Northern abalone

Northern abalone have always been an important component of our diet and economy.

Central Coast First Nations traditionally picked abalone in the intertidal zone. This insured that there was always sufficient brood stock to support a healthy abalone population. The advent of SCUBA diving and subsequent ballooning of the commercial fishery in the 1970s led to a steep decline in abalone population numbers and the protection of Northern abalone under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.

We are very alarmed by the continued decline of such a culturally important species and believe that a concerted effort needs to be put in place to reduce the impacts of poaching and increasing brood stock. A trial abalone FSC tidal harvest in our territories could also improve monitoring of abalone stocks and provide our people with the opportunity to harvest abalone again, without significantly impacting brood stock.

An abalone underwater
Photo Credit: Tammy Norgard