Economic development

Unemployment on the Central Coast is significantly higher than the National average. Jobs in the marine sector, once the dominant employer in our communities, are almost non-existent. Yet, over 70% of our people believe that a priority should be placed on marine-based economic development.

The Plan’s goals, objectives and strategies for economic development aim to once again make marine industries the foundation of the Central Coast economy, while taking into consideration the carrying capacity of the ecosystems in our territories and recognizing our Nation’s skills and assets.

In areas where our people have strong historical links to an economic activity, such as commercial and sport fishing, seafood processing, shellfish aquaculture, and tourism, we seek to create partnerships as well as become major owners and operators within the industry. In emerging industries, such as shipping, transportation and alternative energy, we seek to partner with experienced companies in a manner that benefits our Nations and the developer.

Spirit Bear Lodge (Kitasoo) at dusk
Photo Credit: Doug Neasloss
A bighouse near the shore. A ferry is sailing nearby.
Photo Credit: Doug Neasloss
A person lifting a shellfish trap out of the water
Photo Credit: Julie Carpenter