Building on Our Vision: 2022 Annual Report

Cloudy skies on the Central Coast

It’s been an exciting and eventful year for CCIRA; one in which we enhanced and expanded capacity to support Central Coast Nations’ stewardship and marine planning initiatives.

This 2022 CCIRA Annual Report (PDF) highlights our key areas of progress, including ongoing efforts
to create a Marine Protected Areas Network for the Central Coast and beyond, and collective work to implement the landmark Fisheries Resources Reconciliation Agreement, signed in 2021. We also highlight the critical stewardship efforts of the Guardian Watchmen, and Nation-led efforts to restore and protect salmon and other vitally important coastal species.

To advance all of the above and more, CCIRA created new roles on our team through increased funding for crucial stewardship initiatives, and reaffirmed our long-term goals in supporting Central Coast Nations with our five-year Strategic Plan: 2022-2026 (PDF).

Based on input from the CCIRA Board, Nation leaders, Stewardship Directors and technical staff, the plan emerged after an intensive six-month planning process, which involved online questionnaires, one-on-one interviews and several group planning sessions. This plan outlines our updated vision, mission, goals and objectives and will guide CCIRA’s work in support of Central Coast Nations.

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