CCIRA’s Alejandro Frid, talks rockfish on Roundhouse Radio

Ernie Mason of the Kitasoo/Xai'Xais Nation weighing a Yelloweye rockfish

Listen to CCIRA’s Science Coordinator, Alejandro Frid, discuss the results of our newest rockfish research paper during this radio interview.

Alejandro Frid discussing rockfish conservation on Roundhouse Radio

The paper, written by our fisheries coordinator, Madeleine McGreer, together with Alejandro, shows that recent declines in the size and age of rockfishes in our territories are rapid, strong, and appear to be ongoing.

Our Nations rely on these species for food and cultural sustenance, yet they are at historical low levels of abundance.

Rockfish are long-lived species (Yelloweye rockfish can live for 120  years). Since older, bigger rockfish produce more young than smaller, younger fish, Alejandro suggests that managers should strive to restore old and large fish to aid the recovery of central coast rockfish populations.

Take eleven minutes to listen to this great interview and learn more about this important research.  You can also download the original paper on the Reports page of our website.

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